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Day N

I don’t know how many days I have been working on this game and I have not been counting since I passed the one year mark.

I was not able to work on my game for the last 2 weeks because my girlfriend and my brother are both reading and working towards finishing the exams for their current degrees. So I was spending more time at home and trying to help someone else besides myself.

The number of hours spent working on the game is not that important, but keeping working on it is. Progressing and moving forward.

I am now fully employed at Modio, so I only spend the weekends and evenings working on this game. I can only spend about 10 – 20 hours a week working on it. A modest amount of hours. But can be put to good use if I plan ahead.

My brother comes in every other weekend and programs, tests things along side me and we figure out ways to make this thing more interesting. I don’t invite a lot of people over to see what I am doing, and there really is no need. I will make this available for people to test soon enough.

I have been dabbling again quite a bit with drawing and evaluating various sketching software. Making vector graphics, icons and some sketches. Mischief is a very interesting pieces of software for sketching with its infinite canvas, and SketchBook Pro is a very clean and simple sketching/painting program that can be very useful. Programs like Pixelmator have a very useful batch of vector tools that work for most tasks. And it is quite fun to use as well.

I had never really used the 2D vector tools seriously before and was pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun they are to use. Making icons is a breeze, and making large pieces of art with it, I can see being a bit tedious and time consuming. But then again, making any detailed piece of art is time consuming and tedious.

Anyway, here is a small progress video. Not a lot of things has changed besides some minor functionality and a lot of bug fixing.

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