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Another blog for another year.

In my view, the biggest reason why introverted and smart people fail to reach their goals is that they assume that motivation and passion will be the key fuel of getting to the end, and that clever can not easily be beat. If you want to look at ways to follow your goals and see things through, you should look at people that go through a lot of discomfort to reach them. Not the ones that were exceptionally lucky in reaching their targets. Rather something like body builders and various entrepreneurs that failed repeatedly before they actually created something that they wanted to create. Where the amount and quality of work is rewarded and not just your ability to cut corners at a great pace.

If you are cutting corners for the sake of an emotional sensation, you are more like a soccer hooligan than a soccer player. Making more time for small wins than big, then you are just setting yourself up for a disappointing failure because you will settle for anything that gives you that winning emotion.

But all blabbering aside, I did some more work with my brother on the day before new years. Got more features done and converging on the end for a couple of things

The machines can only jump between hosts when they are within a certain radius, but you could have multiple machines within that radius so you need to be able to pick which one. The UI and keyboard shortcuts mirror what you see. Pressing 1 when there is a machine close that has that particular number will jump you into it immediately. Or use the mouse to click the jump button and scroll wheel to scroll through which target it goes to.

There was a lot of discussion about that trigger element within the programming UI, and if we really need it. I think the main reason it is there, is because I felt I was cutting my stuff down to much and needed to have something extra.

But just using that machines to enter triggers would be a better idea, like you can see with that particular gate that opens.

I might be able to put in a few hours tomorrow. Granted that this cold I have has not worsened and turned my mind into jelly.

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