I spent most of my day, playing with my son, but for the 2 hours or so that I could do some work, I fixed a couple of bugs, created builds on the Mac and Windows to make sure the basics were working, in addition a fixed my Union operation in the library since it… Continue reading 1462


1461 days|48 months|4 years

I can't say that I'm tired, more than anyone else that has been working on anything of their own for a few years. At the moment I do have a bit of a headache, but do feel a bit of a relief since my application is working just as it was a few months ago,… Continue reading 1461 days|48 months|4 years



I am running an old build of my editor along side the new and I am pleased to see the difference in performance actually within the app, reporting something like ~2x on average for simple tests. The difference between the in editor tests is a lot higher though. But for the most part I am… Continue reading 1454



Watching the original Bladerunner and working. The command language I made for my builder looks very much like a rudimentary assembly language. There are just no control statements besides pushing and popping. No labels or jumps. The pushes and pops are those that control the context of each shape and the pop performs a boolean… Continue reading 1447



Quite odd, to have to mix all the memory management rules and conventions. Using C APIs in managed code, but you have to extent the API to deal with the external memory rules and conventions. So that you don´t have to complicate the API to copy data around, that might be kept simple with pointers… Continue reading 1434

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My preferred working hours these days is at night, since my two boys tend to have a bit of an unpredictable nature to their sleeping habits and their effects on our sleeping schedule can make for a bad early morning awareness. Feeling productive again, and feeling good about that since I have not really been… Continue reading 1430