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147th day

I reworked the whole main menu and made it jive more with the programming window. But, I did not finish setting up the connection between the buttons being pressed and the text panel activating, so I just glued the two separate screen together to show a rough idea.



The buttons now have these little boxes within them that indicate how much memory is being used by the particular script/function and how much memory more is available. Each square within the buttons represents 512 bytes of memory and there are 128 of those, which makes up 64k bytes. Which, according to some, was all that we will ever need.


The main menu just has the console down at the bottom to begin with, and there is no transition from the main screen to the console. They are one and the same. The output, errors and other prints of text are only displayed if you click one of the switches by the running process and it ill scroll in from the right to display the information to you.

The buttons on the bottom right are for the lua command line which you can use to spawn processes and execute any command. It only allows you one process at a time, so if you send something stalling, you can easily just kill or suspend it.

Will continue with this tomorrow.

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