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44th week

Lots of low level windows and systems tinkering to get various windows to behave and not steal the focus of the main window while having it rendering into an off screen buffer. A simple screen grab from visual studio on top of my new code editor plugin, showing my minor bit shifting crap to convert… Continue reading 44th week

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More native plugins

The Scintilla plugin I created is starting to work. I needed to convert the parent window into a tool window and basically hide it off screen so that it would render into my bitmap. I have used Scintilla a lot before, so being able to utilize that for Code editing means that I can simplify… Continue reading More native plugins

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41st week

There was a lot of re-factoring, bug fixing and the like this week. Along with progressing with some missing features for the programming end, such as a transport control for the debugging and visualisations of the script execution. To open the scripting interface, there is this keyboard icon in the top right that will open… Continue reading 41st week

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9 months

So, it has been 40 weeks of work or around 9 months of programming, designing, building, texturing, composing and filling out various business related papers. These last 3 days, I managed to complete the navigation programming feature. That is, get all the navigation nodes to behave like they should so that I can properly test… Continue reading 9 months

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38th week

I managed to get the rest of the navigation graphics and programming features in a state where I can focus on the navigation evaluation.   There is no output window or a window for error messages. There is just the single programming window where the errors and output will appear in or by. Here are… Continue reading 38th week

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37th week

Another week behind me and some progress for the game. I fixed various issues with the text editing and removed some elements as well. There is just going to be one window. All the output and errors will not be placed into dedicated windows. I am taking advantage of the fact that this is a… Continue reading 37th week

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35th week

So, the programming sandbox has swapped its ZMQ with nanomsg. I have removed the asmjit and will just use Nasm as a binary generating assembler, allocate executable buffers and plug those in to have run alongside the just-in-time compiled LUA code. Added syntax highlighting for the little code editor, which is implemented in a bit… Continue reading 35th week

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34th week

I managed to wrap up the navigation UI last week and am now working on making it run and do what it is supposed to do. Also, I am connecting that with the programming mechanic and slowly approaching something that is representable. The grunt work, creating 2-d or 3-d art, creating music or programming is… Continue reading 34th week

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Navigation UI Iteration

I have been for the last 6 weeks, working on the UI for the navigation programming. Here are the results so far. Refined the transitions, the look and feel of the buttons, camera behavior and various other things. Only a couple more items on the checklist to finish so that I can move on to… Continue reading Navigation UI Iteration

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33rd week

This was the least productive week in a long while, but today was a very productive day. I changed my work routine a bit and it works quite well. I basically split all my current tasks into very small tasks, small enough to give them a completion time of 15 - 60 minutes. Then, I… Continue reading 33rd week